About us

Angelah Rose is a creative and spiritual philanthropist, jeweller and make-up artist, born in Queenstown, New Zealand.

An advocate for ethical products and an ambassador for cruelty-free beauty, Angelah specialises in creating truly unique and one of a kind pieces from her Studio in Christchurch.

Following in the footsteps of her Grandmother, a jeweller, Angelah’s passion was ignited when gifted a box of broken jewellery to play with. Inspired, she began to create one-off pieces using recycled jewellery and became fascinated with designing her now-well-known ‘costume’ head pieces and body chains.

Her studies with the Silver Smith Guild taught Angelah the skills and techniques to really hone her creative passion into a career. Further studying Pounamu and its history, Angelah has been privileged enough to work on some stunning collaborations, including the creation of the very first Pounamu Body Chain with her late step-father, Bradley Ellingham.

Born from her own personal experience with a debilitating and complex genetic condition, Angelah has a keen interest in the power of precious stones and metals. Focussing on the conductive energies and vibrations, Angelah is passionate about using her knowledge to encourage and promote natural health and healing for all.

Angelah’s work is an innate expression of her connection to beauty and nature. Her vision for the future is to continue to grow her business and become a trusted and much-loved household name, creating timeless treasures to be passed on through generations.